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Featuring Energy Genesis and Shamanic Healing

Introducing Energy Genesis

The Energy Genesis™ or EG™ is a safe, non-invasive stress management technology that uses a specific combination of light and sound frequencies to create a resonance within its 360 degree interior. Once exposed to these frequencies, you will experience a profound state of relaxation that enables your body to gently heal and detoxify.


Energy Genesis utilizes vibroacoustic therapy, researched by the National Institute of Health and currently in use at NASA to retard bone degeneration from prolonged space travel.


Shamanic Healing

Spirit Medicine is an ancient practice used for the healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wounds. This practice has been used for thousands of years by indigenous healers in shamanic healing sessions.


Slaying the Mouse: A True Story of Healing in the Spiritual Realms by Wendy S. Halley

This book presents a true story of the power of Shamanic Healing Medicine and is currently available at Lucid Path in downtown Montpelier and Online at


"When 19-year-old Jason mysteriously slips into a deep coma, family members and doctors are baffled. Seeking answers, the family contacts author and shamanic healer Wendy Halley. Using the ancient practice of Shamanic Trance, Wendy begins a 9-month odyssey into the ‘dreamtime’ world, where she and Jason will connect in a healing journey that transcends geography, distance, and the conscious world."



Lucid  Path is rated 5.0 out of 5 stars on Facebook.
"I've done 3 "sets" (3 sessions in 3 days) in the Energy Genesis machine in the past four months. After the first one, I felt more peaceful, centered, and I slept great. After the second one, my digestion improved and I felt much stronger and more alive. After the third one, I think I can conquer the world! I could barely function 5 months ago (all sorts of autoimmune & digestive issues), and now I'm training to run a marathon. So lucky to have this technology in our of only 8 in the entire world! Thank you, Wendy! :" Tc Trapaini February 7, 2018


Lucid Path is available during business hours Monday - Saturday.  Visit our healing center in downtown Montpelier, VT.  Sessions are by appointment.  Please feel free to contact Lucid Path at 802-225-6413  for more information.


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