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﷯ Here's Something We Can Do- Yoga! People that practice Yoga are generally thin, in shape, attractive, self assured and calm. Why? In reading what makes Yoga- Yoga, I've found some interesting references to the practice involving a series of﷯ postures, stretches and contortions, along with the "power of still" to create a healing practice that improves circulation, relieves back pain and stretches out muscle groups. The practice is also for men, women and youths, anaerobic- meaning without the jumping up and down or duration of jogging that makes aerobics or a good run not a viable practice for many. Yoga instructors, in fact, might certainly be a Certified Yoga Teacher trained to work with students who suffer from chronic pain in the knees, shoulder or spine. So, if you're in the mood, Yoga might suit your needs and your limitations. There are several Yoga Studios in Montpelier. Generally new students receive an introductory discount. (Photo to the left from Grateful Yoga, Montpelier, VT ...More) (Photo to the right from Geezum Crow Yoga, Montpelier, VT ....More) Energy Genesis in Montpelier Available at Lucid Path Wellness in downtown Montpelier, this new holistic healing method utilizes vibroacoustic therapy researched by the National Institute of Health and in use at NASA to retard bone degeneration in astronauts. The Energy Genesis™ or EG™ is a safe, non-invasive stress management technology that uses a specific combination of light and sound frequencies to create a resonance within its 360 degree interior. Only eight such facilities currently available worldwide, Energy Genesis is creating a new wave in the art of holistic self-healing. For more information contact Wendy at Lucid Path Wellness. The First in Fitness ﷯If you're between the ages of 7 and 70, you can enjoy a range of activities at First in Fitness Racket & Swim Club , including tennis, swimming and their traditional workout center. A Winter Swim The fitness center makes available its 25 yard long, six lane swimming pool and hot tub. Swimming workouts and classes are scheduled throughout the winter including "Master's Swim" workout and training program designed to get into shape for the triathlon season. ﷯ For Kids Too! This winter sign up to "Learn to Swim" a program for children ages 6 and up taught be American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructors. The series will bring children to the level of avid swimmer. For children 6 months to 5 years a special aquatics course is available designed to acquaint the very young with water. Physical Therapy Available The First in Fitness Racket & Swim Club is also home to Choice Physical Therapy that performs outpatient rehabilitative services for those recovering from injury and illness, rehabilitate after surgery, and in need of relief from chronic conditions. (Photos from First in Fitness Racket & Swim Club, Berlin, VT. ...More) Montpelier is also home to a myriad of health and wellness classes for the young and old. Visit Things to Do for a posting of classes for the mind, body and spirit.








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